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December 10, 2016
Christmas Giving
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December 12, 2016

12 Days Of Christmas ~ Day 11 ~ My favourite Decor of all … FLOWERS

Christmas Flowers

 Decorating with Flowers

I LOVE flowers and I decorate with them year round so it is no surprise that I use flowers to decorate during the holidays! Flowers from a florist can be a pricey addition to your holiday decor so here are my tips for creating your own arrangements this holiday season…

Tip 1. Go to Costco

Stock up on roses, hydrangeas or whatever else
Costco is stocking that matches your
holiday decor and do various arrangements
for different areas of your home.


Tip  2. Start Small

Find a smaller vase than you think you’ll need.
By using a smaller vase you will create full, dense
and perfect arrangements with ease.


Don’t get overwhelmed by starting with a huge bouquet.
Do three small bouquets that are easier to manage.
Arrange the bouquets on your dining table for a bigger impact.


Tip 3.  Keep it Simple

A monochromatic colour scheme is a fool proof
way to have a chic arrangement every time.


Tip 4. Think Geometric Shapes

When you’re arranging lean toward creating square
or circular arrangements  depending on the vase you’ve chosen.

md_ac28a6cd12857538806755 modern_wedding_white_rose_arrangement_large

Tip 5. Cut the Stems to Fit

When trimming the stems cut them so they fit
the height of the vase. This stabilizes the flower and
keeps the arrangement sturdy.

file_10_4 Green-and-White-Altar-Hydrangea-Arrangements-Fotografie-Sturm

Tip 6. Think Outside of the Vase

Use an unconventional vase or decorate your existing vases.
An urn vase, wooden box or tree ornaments add a festive touch.


rose-branch-table-arrangement-2 interior-romantic-dinner-centerpieces-with-red-roses-flower-centerpieces-design-722x1024

Flowers bring some freshness to your home during these

cold winter months and add colour and texture

to your holiday decor.

Check back tomorrow for Day 12’s blog.

I can’t believe this season’s 12 Days of Christmas blog is almost over!

Thank you to all of you for reading everyday. See you tomorrow!





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