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December 11, 2015
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December 13, 2015

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 11 ~ Hostess Gifts

There’s nothing better than getting invited to

someone’s home over the holidays.

Bringing a hostess gift to show your appreciation

for their hospitality is a wonderful way to say

‘thank you’ to your host.

Here are some of my favourite Hostess Gifts to give…

A Game

This is the perfect gift for a family or the single guy who has everything.

It’s a little something everyone can enjoy.

Classic + Decorative Games are perfect.

2015-12-09_11-22-35 2015-12-09_11-15-11

Party Novelties

The great thing about buying fun party items is that most people

won’t buy them for themselves.

To me that is always a great gift.



Cocktail Plates

2015-12-09_11-27-36 2015-12-09_11-28-44

A Journal

A new year needs a new journal…



A Scarf

Because we live in Canada and can never have too many scarves!


Skincare Gift Pack

Frilly Lily is a beautiful spa that is locally owned and operated.

They also sell jewelry, scarves and accessories

so if you have a beauty | Fashion lover in your life

head to Frilly Lily for Gift Cards and Products.


Most of all enjoy all of the wonderful festivities of the season!







Argentinian Lemon Gift Pack


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  1. Jeanette Alexander says:

    I agree. All of the above would make thoughtful hostess gifts. I particularly like the idea of a Journal, the Scarf and the Coasters. Great Stuff.

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