12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 10 ~ Give Your Home a Gift
December 11, 2014
12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 12 ~ Traditions
December 14, 2014

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 11 ~ My Favourite Decor Item this Holiday Season

The Iconic TREE

I’m not just talking about the Christmas Tree.

Although I LOVE a Christmas Tree and I think

it’s the most important Christmas decoration of all.

Today I’m showing you how to sprinkle

little tree’s all throughout the house!


My VERY talented Sister mixed and matched purchased

decorative trees with homemade trees for an eclectic

vignette of different textures, heights and colours.

Here’s how to make your own trees….

Spoon Tree






Glue Gun

Chalk Paint

Product Details 

How To:

Step 1 ~ Cut the handles off the spoons.

Step 2 ~ Paint all of the spoon heads.

Step 3 ~ Form a cone with the tinfoil in whatever size you want your tree to be.

Step 4 ~ Starting at the bottom glue the spoons around the entire tinfoil cone layer by layer.

Paper Tree




Heavy Paper (Scrapbooking Paper or Wallpaper)

Glue Stick

Balloon Weight

Coat Hanger

Burlap / Fabric

Ribbon / Twine



How to:

Step 1 ~ Roll paper into a cone.

Step 2 ~ Fasten coat hanger into the balloon weight.

Step 3 ~ Bend the top of the coat hanger so it can support the paper cone.

Step 4 ~ Cover the balloon weight with burlap and fasten with twine.

For the Non-Crafters here are

my favourite trees of the season…

Pine Trees


Product Details

Birch Tree


Product Details

Gold Glitter Tree


Product Details

Red + White Wire Brush Tree

2014-12-11_14-29-35 2014-12-11_14-09-17

Product Details

Product Details

Silver Tree


Product Details

Wood chip tree


Product Details

Pinecone Tree


Product Details

Red Berry Tree


Product Details

Whatever your holiday style is you can incorporate trees that

flow with your colours and decor. Add a vignette of

trees or add one little tree where your

guests would least expect it!




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