12 Day of Christmas – Day 10 – Get Your Home a Gift!
December 11, 2013
12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 12 ~ Christmas Morning Brunch
December 13, 2013

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 11 ~ Wreaths


Day 11 ~ Wreaths


Don’t forget the door!  Your wreath is the first chance to set the tone for your holiday home. What’s your wreath style??


Here are some of my favourite styles…

Jewelry & Decor Mixed…Yes Please!
I often wear 15 bracelets in a single day so a decor piece made out of costume jewelry makes my heart skip a beat!
Pretty In Pink
 Who says Christmas has to be red and green? I love this pretty style.
Wine Lovers This One’s For You…
Blue Christmas

Blue is my Christmas colour. I absolutely love it with white, gold, silver or red.


Au Naturel
Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful.
Black, White & Red
These remind me of having Christmas at my grandparent’s farm as a kid.


Christmas Love Birds

I love this wreath for newlyweds.


Unconventional & Fun

These fun wreaths reflect the home owner. The baker can have the cookie cutter wreath, the square peg doesn’t have to fit into the round hole and Christmas at the beach house can keep its nautical feel. There’s something for everyone.

Don’t forget to decorate your home both inside and out. You have so many chances to show your personal style especially over the holidays!
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