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December 12, 2015
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12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 12 ~ Holiday Traditions

The holidays are about traditions.

We all have wonderful things we do every year that have been

passed down through the generations

and those traditions are what make the holiday’s so memorable.

However, I’ve noticed something awesome

has happened over the last few years…

People are adding some new and really fun traditions

to their lists.

Here are my favourite new Traditions to add to your list…

Santa Sack


A sack shows up on Christmas Eve and it’s filled with new Jammies,

A new Christmas Movie, Popcorn + Snacks for a

Christmas Eve Movie Night.

The best part of this sack is your child is supposed to fill the sack up with

old toys and clothes that they no longer use or wear.

Making room for the new toys Santa will be bringing as

well as teaching kids to give to others is an awesome

tradition to start!

You can order your Santa Sacks with your Child’s name or Initials.

Host a Christmas Craft Night

gallery-1441222812-kateornaments1 gallery-1441224716-screen-shot-2015-09-02-at-41129-pm

Invite friends, family or co-workers

to a night of Christmas Cheer and a Craft.

What I like to do is to assign each person a name

when they arrive and have them decorate an

ornament for that person.

It’s sort of a Secret Santa, Girls Night and a Craft Night all in one!

Personalized Santa Video Message


This is one of my favourite things to do because it’s free and

the child thinks it’s completely magical.

The video allows for you to customize it with the

 child’s name and a few details about their life.

You can create these videos for adults as well.

Do this for your kids immediately!! They’ll love it!



Christmas Light Display + Skating at Spruce Meadows


Although going for a drive to see

Christmas Lights isn’t a new tradition

I’m mentioning Spruce Meadows

because they have an awesome

Light Display, Skating + Hot Chocolate

in a pretty magical setting.

And the best part is it’s free!


Matching PJ’s + Games Night


My family’s worn matching PJ’s for a few years now

and it’s really fun and comfortable.

On Christmas Eve we all get into our matching PJ’s,

Eat too much and play games.

I highly recommend it!

Giving Back

I know I’ve already talked about this but I hope that

everyone takes the time to

give a smile, a hand, a gift, donate old clothes, or your time

this holiday season.

Whatever you can give

is a welcome and wonderful thing to do.

Whatever your traditions are I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

I am so grateful for each and every one of you who reads this blog over

my 12 Days of Christmas. This year I had more readers than ever

and I am so thankful to all of you.

I am truly blessed .











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