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December 12, 2014
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June 29, 2015

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 12 ~ Traditions

Christmas is about Traditions. We all have things we do year

after year that have been passed down from generation

to generation. In my opinion traditions are what make

Christmas special. I am fortunate to always be surrounded

 by family and friends over the holidays and

many wonderful traditions.

Here are the traditions my family has that I absolutely love….

Christmas Eve Games Night + Appetizers

On Christmas Eve we have family and friends over for

an open house and a night of serious

competition! We eat appetizers, have visitors

and play cards and board games.


IMG_8591 unnamed-22

One gift on Christmas Eve

We always get pyjamas and since I was 5 I’ve known what

to expect but I somehow still feel excited!

In recent years we have added the tradition of

everyone getting matching pyjama’s which is fun!


Milk + Cookies

It’s funny how as a family full of adults we still do this.

Some traditions are strong and you do them no matter what!


The Stocking

My stocking is definitely my favourite gift. It’s the gift I look

forward to the most.  My favourite part of my stocking is

the booklet of scratch & win tickets. After opening gifts I

love to drink coffee and scratch away!


Giving Back

Giving your time, money, gifts, food… EVERYTHING and ANYTHING large or small can help someone. Christmas is a hard time for many people and I encourage everyone to give something. There are countless charities and organizations with needs. Some of the ways I like to give during the holidays are donations to the food bank, donating winter (or any) clothing and toiletries to shelters, taking a gift to any of the children’s gift organizations, Adopt-A-Family (through the Calgary Sun or Women’s Outreach Centers), and if you want to get involved and donate your time I recommend contacting an agency like United Way  for opportunities in your community. Giving back in some way makes the world a better place. You’re happier and so are the recipients of your generosity. It’s a win-win.


Our Adopt-A-Family pile this year!

My 12 Days of Christmas Blog

I absolutely love blogging over the holidays. It gives me the pleasure of starting my holidays at the beginning of December and it allows me to interact and hear from so many of you! I sincerely thank you all for reading my blog over the last 12 days. It means the world to me!

Whatever your traditions are hold onto them. They are what makes your family unique and the holiday season full of love and laughter. I hope you have a safe, joyful, fun filled and happy holiday season with the people you love most.


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