12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 1 ~ Make a List + Check it Twice
December 1, 2016
12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 3 ~ Okanagan Wine Tour in December … YES PLEASE!
December 3, 2016

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 2 ~ Pillow Pick-Me-Up


~ Day 2 ~

Does Your Christmas Decor

Feel a Little Shabby?


Dress Up Your Space With Pillows!



I know adding Christmas pillows sounds a

little Granny-ish but trust me on this one!

Adding festive pillows can give a pop of colour,

they don’t take up floor space if quarters are

tight and they make any space feel extra cozy!






Here are a few of my fav holiday pillow styles this year…





Lumber Jack



2016-11-29_12-09-52 2016-11-29_12-12-52

2016-11-29_12-40-59 2016-11-29_12-09-21









2016-11-29_11-57-11 2016-11-29_12-26-01





2016-11-29_12-24-42 50176009

51769322 2016-11-29_12-40-59




2016-11-29_11-51-16  51140223 2016-12-01_10-37-53


Can you ever really have enough pillows??!!

I hope your homes are filling up with all of the

excitement and fun that the holidays bring!



See you tomorrow for Day 3 of my

12 Days of Christmas blog!





  1. Jamie says:

    It is almost as if you picked the “fun” pillows to match my xmas decor!

  2. Erin says:

    Great post Dayle! In fact, I wanted to buy a Christmas pillow yesterday that had a cute deer on it. The husband hates pillows! I agree with you that there are never enough but he finds them annoying. Any recommendations for getting the men to stop pillow hating?

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