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December 5, 2015
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December 7, 2015

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 5 ~ Giving Back

Christmas is the Season of Giving


I love giving gifts to my loved ones but my truest joy over

the holiday’s is giving to people who really need it.

The Christmas season can be stressful, sad, a burden,

lonely and very hard for many people who don’t have

the resources or the family and social network to

have a big traditional Christmas surrounded

by wonderful people they love.

There are so many ways to give to people in need over the holidays.

Here are some of my favourite ways.

Your Time


Volunteer ANYWHERE… The food bank,

visiting seniors in seniors centres, shovelling your neighbours driveway,

serving food at a shelter, or delivering gifts

for the Magic of Christmas program are a few ways.

Wherever you live there will be opportunities to give your time.

Gift Programs



This program is a large financial commitment.

How it works is you get an entire families wish list.

Usually the items are winter clothing, clothes,

basic household items and toys for the kids.

You also provide gift cards and food

hampers so they can have Christmas dinner.

This year my Sister organized an amazing group of

girls who wanted to give families a magical Christmas.

We were able to adopt multiple families and divide their Christmas Lists

between the group to provide the families with everything

they wished for. This is easily the best part of Christmas

for me. I’m so fortunate to be able to do this

with my wonderful family and friends.


The Magic of Christmas

The Magic of Christmas delivers gifts and

Christmas cheer to more than 400 families who

are suffering from emotional, physical or financial despair.

Check out their website below for program details and drop off locations for gifts.


Santa’s Anonymous

Santa’s Anonymous is a Toy Gift Giving Program that

has many drop off locations around the city.


Donation Programs

Inn from the Cold


The Food Bank


The Women’s Shelter


The Drop In Centre


All of the above organizations are in need of basic necessities such as:

Clothing (Men, Women + Children of all ages / sizes)

Undergarments (socks, underwear + bras)

Hats, Mitts, Gloves

Winter Clothing

Winter Boots

Personal Hygiene Items

Non-perishable Food Items

Monetary Donations

Being Patient and Kind


I know the season brings a lot of stress.

From waiting in long lines to dealing with other stressed

people who aren’t always kind.  Be the kindness.

Be patient, Say thank you, See the good in all of the hustle + bustle.

Your smile, your understanding and your

kindness might make someone who’s having

a hard time’s day. And isn’t that what Christmas is about?!

I promise you whatever it is you chose to

do will make you feel happy.  And I hope you

carry on doing wonderful things for people all year long.


Here’s a link to many of the opportunities to give in Calgary:


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