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December 6, 2014
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December 6, 2014

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 5 ~ How to Change Your Holiday Colour Scheme on a Budget

I have a serious colour crush this holiday season!

I’m LOVING the colour combination of Turquoise + Red…


I know what you’re thinking… you can’t just change your decor EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!! Today I’m going to show you a few tricks of the trade when you change your mind A LOT!

My Sister is a crafting genius and she’s always modifying little things to make sure everything is perfect. She has the most beautiful tree this year and she accomplished her colour overhaul with a few simple and affordable tricks we came up with to get the ‘look’ without the expense…

Paint What You Have


Jamie’s old decor was a traditional multicoloured scheme… think red, green, white, gold, and silver. To achieve the tree we wanted we decided to paint some of her existing  ornaments. Only paint the ones without sentimental value and ALWAYS use the ornaments that mean the most to you even if they don’t ‘match’. That’s the amazing thing about a Christmas Tree … it holds a family’s entire life worth of holiday memories.

Painting the dark green balls  and partially painting some of the metallic balls a bright turquoise gave us the perfect coloured ornament without the cost of replacing them. We even partially painted the gold star. Leaving some of the gold exposed added a richness to the decorations.

Use The Left Overs


We still needed more of the turquoise + red colour combination to make the statement we wanted so we came up with a VERY affordable solution. We used fabric scraps leftover from another project. We cut the different red and turquoise fabric into strips and tied it directly onto the tree branches. And Voila!


Become an Artist



Okay I know this sounds really hard but don’t panic!! Making your own art is not as scary as it sounds.

You have a 2 options:

Option 1

All you need from this art is a pop of the two colours to carry the scheme throughout the room. You can paint one canvas in a solid colour and the other one you can find your inner Jackson Pollock. You can even let your kids help! Splatter paint onto the canvas until you think it looks colourful enough to make a statement in the room. You can even use this opportunity to  make memories like Jamie did with Mila’s tiny feet on her first Christmas. Layering art is a really chic way to give your room dimension.

Option 2

Cheat a little!

Find a painting you like and copy it. Use it as a reference or use a stencil.  The worst thing that can happen is you can paint over it and start again.

Make Bows


Using a simple wreath you may already own you can modify it by removing old details and adding your own. We used the same fabric as the tree and some burlap to create a three layer bow for the wreaths on the stairwell.

Check out this fun quiz from Martha Stewart Living that’ll help you find out your Holiday Decor Style:



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