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December 6, 2015
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December 8, 2015

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 6 ~ Decorating for the Non-Christmas Lover


I hear all the time from people that they don’t like

decorating for the holidays for a variety of reasons.

Here are my tips to make decorating your home a little more enjoyable!

Do You Feel Like Christmas Equals Chaos and Clutter? 

I HATE clutter so I will admit that adding too

much Christmas decor to my home is a bit stressful

for me. I’m a minimalist and I keep that

principle throughout the holidays.

The key to this is to EDIT before you pull out your holiday decor.

Edit out decor items you aren’t attached to

and replace them with Christmas decor

versus ADDING to the already fully styled room.

2015-12-04_15-29-26 2015-12-04_15-31-01

On a Budget? 

Grab decor from your yard.

This way you won’t have to spend a ton of cash on something

you don’t particularly enjoy.

Use Pine cones, Branches, Leaves or

anything else you can find. You can leave it

natural or spray paint them the perfect

colour for your decor.

2015-12-04_15-18-22 2015-12-04_15-22-16 2015-12-04_15-19-39 2015-12-04_15-21-22

Clean Up Well

The most important tip of all!!!!

Put your Decor away in an  orderly way.

This will take away the stress of opening the

Christmas decor box to find complete chaos.

It will start the decorating season out much more happily!

Label Storage Boxes With Detail


Keep like items together in the same

Storage Box – String Lights, Ribbon,

Ornaments, Outdoor & Indoor,

Stockings + Stocking Hangers…

2015-12-04_15-53-03 2015-12-04_15-52-21 2015-12-04_15-52-01

Use a Small Caddy for supplies like

Ornament hangers, scissors, adhesive putty,

wire, zip ties, extension cords etc.

Basically if you used it for any reason the

previous year include it in your supplies box.


I hope that even if decorating your home for the

holiday’s isn’t your favourite task you find the joy in it!

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