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December 5, 2018
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December 7, 2018

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 6 ~ Hygge for the Holidays

You know that feeling when you curl up in your favourite spot,

have your most comfortable clothes on,

you have the perfect blanket, a coffee, and the best book…

Well, that feeling is Hygge.

No matter how or where you feel that

feeling, THAT is what we are all chasing!

The holidays can be busy and stressful. I want you to stop,

breathe and just soak in the specialness of everything the holidays bring.

Whether its quiet days off of work or a houseful of busy kids who

have eaten their body weight in treats, acting a

little nutty and are beyond excited for Santa’s arrival.

These are special days, special moments and before we know it they are gone.


Ways to find your Hygge…



Surround yourself with cozy items …





Make sure when you get some downtime you

have a cozy spot that you can head to for a little quiet.





Plan ahead …





For me, being organized and ‘ahead’ of the game gives me a moment

before the festivities, parties, dinners etc to take a moment and

a glance around my clean, decorated home and just

breathe before the fun starts. Hosting can be exhausting

so not being frazzled and pushing everything to the last minute will give you peace.

See Day 4 of my 12 Days of Christmas for a full calendar!




Practising Mindfulness




Being in the moment over the holidays can be tough.

We all have a list a mile long and it’s very easy to get so lost in the

details we don’t see the faces of our loved ones when they open

the gifts we hand-picked for them, or we are too busy in the kitchen to

enjoy our guests eating the food we spent the whole day preparing.

Planning ahead allows us to be present, with the people we love.

Don’t miss the best part of Christmas. The people and the special moments!



Take care of YOU this holiday!

See you tomorrow for Day 7!


XO Dayle

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