12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 6 ~ Holiday Jewelry
December 6, 2017
12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 8 ~ Taking Time for Yourself Over the Holidays
December 8, 2017

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 7 ~ Shop Local

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 7 ~ Shop Local


I have a few favourite small businesses that I LOVE supporting.

All of these businesses have gorgeous

products but more importantly they have amazing artists

making each and every item with love and an incredible amount of talent!






 Give the Gift of Photography


What’s better than giving the gift of memories?

Surprising someone with beautiful photos of their loved ones

is always a hit. Especially for those hard to buy for Grandparents or your Spouse.


The most important part of buying this as a gift is taking it one step further

and creating a piece of art as the actual gift. My favourite route is having the photo

printed on canvas and framed beautifully so the piece of art can

be displayed in the recipients home immediately.






~Click photos for links to businesses~



Amber Blair Photography




For my Calgary and Central Alberta people,

spending the day with Amber is like spending time with an old friend.

She is sweet and happy and unbelievably talented.


Check out her website for details on pricing and

contact her today for your Christmas gift photoshoot!

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Tanya Sedore Photography




For my Grande Prairie and Northern Alberta people,

Tanya has 20 years experience as a photographer.

Her work has appeared in such magazines as Homes&Land,

The Ultimate Bridal Guide, Maternity & Beyond, Womanition,

Guided Synergy, LouLou, Profiles of Success and hangs

in various locations in Western Canada.



Tanya is AMAZING at what she does.

Check out her website to book your holiday gift photoshoot today.

She will help guide you through all of her favourite ways

to turn her photography into art for your loved ones.

***Click photos for Links***



Addicted to Vinyl






Give the Gift of Custom Art + Gifts


Addicted to Vinyl has something for EVERYONE on your list.

And if they don’t, Juliane will work with you to create just what you’re looking for.

If your can imagine it, Addicted to Vinyl can create it!








Custom Front Door Rugs






Kids Milestones





Fun Gifts





Contact Addicted to Vinyl today for any of your custom gift ideas or

for something to spruce up your home before the holiday’s!

***Click photos for Links***





Larkin Designs





If you have a jewelry lover in your life and you want to get them

the perfect one of a kind gift look no further.

Larkin Designs was founded by Nicole Larkin an incredibly talented jewelry maker.

She has styles for everyone that can be completely customized.

You can start by creating your own design from scratch or chose one of her beautiful pieces

and add something personal to it. Whatever route you chose you will end up with

a beautiful gift for someone on your list this year!





Create Something Custom




Checkout Larkin Design’s Instagram page for a full range of

Nicole’s Designs and to contact her to purchase.




The saying ‘When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance’.

We have MANY choices this holiday season to

fill our shopping lists and I hope these amazing ladies

encourage you to find a small business to support.






Join me tomorrow for Day 8 of my 12 Days of Christmas!



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