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December 8, 2016
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December 10, 2016

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 9 ~ Are You Feeling Crafty?

Are You Feeling Crafty?

If you just can’t find the perfect gift for

your loved ones

maybe you need to make it yourself!

I know that sounds like a lot of hard work

but I promise my Canvas Art Project

 is easier than it sounds.


Start by choosing the perfect

quote for your loved one…

I have this Quote Art in my bathroom to remind

me everyday that today is a great day

to do great things.



Next, gather the supplies you need…





Gold Paint


Letter Stencils


Stencil Brush


Stencil Adhesive


I bought all of my supplies at Michael’s.

Now it’s time to create your masterpiece!


  1. Paint the background of your canvas in the colour of your choice and let dry completely. I chose white and skipped this step.
  2. Measure the lines of where you want your writing to be on the canvas.
  3. Lightly spray stencil adhesive so your paint doesn’t leak.
  4. Carefully place the first letter in the spot you measured.
  5. Lightly apply paint with your stencil brush.
  6. Lift stencil straight up. Let dry completely
  7. Once the previous letter is dry and the extra paint has been wiped from the stencil continue with the next letter.
  8. If you have a mishap you can use a clean, slightly wet brush to lift any excess paint that may have leaked around the edge of the stencil.



Your family and friends will LOVE this

gift because you made it just for them.

There are many wonderful

quotes to use so find something

truely perfect for the recipient.

See you tomorrow for Day 10 of my 12 Days of Christmas!



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