12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 10 ~ The Gift of Time

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12 Days of Christmas - Day 10 - the Gift of Time

Put up your hand if your family has too much stuff? I’m a pretty minimal person and I still feel like my drawers, closets and spare room fill up quickly. My Sister has three little ones and this has shown me a whole new side of clutter! Between EVERY. SINGLE. PAPER they’ve ever coloured on to all of the toys and treats they collect, it doesn’t take long for the toy box to overflow. My Sis has asked for less. I can respect that, however, I do LOVE giving! This is a hard one for me. So I have come up with a solution! I I’m giving my babies my time. I’m planning experiences and spending days with them alone doing things they love. The truth is I spend A LOT of time with them as it is so I am looking for ways to get out into the world and try new things or plan dates that make them feel special! After this request from my Sister, I thought, why wouldn’t I plan special days and activities for other people in my life too? Here are some of the ideas I have for my little loves and my other loves!

A Live Performance

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The gift can be everything from the person’s favourite band in concert, to the Philharmonic Orchestra or your local high school production. Planning a special night, buying the tickets and arranging everything is such a gift.

A Dinner Out

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We all have someone in our life that loves to go out to dinner but doesn’t do it enough. Planning a night at the newest hot spot in town or a place they maybe wouldn’t splurge on is a great way to spend the whole night hanging out without interruption and doing something fun!

A Getaway

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This one has to be with someone you’re really close with like your spouse, parent, sibling or best friend but there is no better way to reconnect with someone than to go away for even a single night. Head to the mountains, take a quick trip to a great city or plan a week of relaxation somewhere warm. The most important part is the person doesn’t have to do the planning.

A Day Doing What THEY Love

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Does your loved one enjoy Antiquing? Or the Hockey Game? Or doing Something Active? Or do your kids love the Zoo or Science Center? Whatever is not a part of your regular routine that your loved one will enjoy is a way to plan the perfect experience for them.

The activities don’t have to be elaborate or expensive.

It’s truly the thought that counts!

I promise you the gift of time will be the most memorable gift they get this year!