12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 4 ~ Make a List + Check it Twice

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The holidays can be very busy and I find that if I don’t have a plan my life gets pretty chaotic. I want to keep you ORGANIZED this holiday season! I like to start a checklist about a month before Christmas so my holiday prep is as stress-free as possible…

Now grab a beautiful notebook and jot this down…

Here’s my Holiday Checklist

3-4 Weeks Out

  • Make a family Christmas activity plan so everyone knows where and when their presence is expected.
  • Make a gift list and budget.
  • Decorate the house so that you have a lot of chances to vacuum up those stubborn sparkles (sparkles are my nemesis!!).

2-3 Weeks Out

  • Start to purchase and wrap as many gifts as possible ~ Wrap as you buy so you don’t miss Christmas Eve with your family.
  • Start doing any baking and appetizer food prep that can be made in advance and frozen.
  • Send out Christmas cards & gifts that need to be mailed.

1-2 Weeks Out

  • Declutter your home ~ clean out the junk drawer, declutter the guest bathroom cabinets, and wash linens in spare rooms that won’t be used in the weeks before your guests arrive.
  • Add guest baskets to bathrooms ~ Fill baskets with small lotions, soap, face clothes, and toothpaste. Add anything that your guests may need while they stay in your home.
  • Start taking stock of the items your home needs ~ Do you have enough drinking and wine glasses? Is there enough flatware? Will there be enough chairs for everyone around the dinner table?

4-5 Days before

  • Menu planning & shopping ~Purchase any non-perishable groceries and alcohol so that your grocery shopping isn’t a massive job in the final days before your guests arrive.
  • Continue shopping for last minute gifts ~ And continue wrapping as you go.

3 days before

  • Deep clean your home ~You will need to do an additional tidy up the morning your guests arrive but this one is a deep clean. The serious scrub! Get in the corners and don’t forget to dust the blinds, the baseboards and clean out the fridge!

2 days before

  • Buy perishable groceries.
  • Get out all of your items to set the table.
  • Buy your flowers ~ This is the best part of Christmas in my opinion!

1 day before

  • Prepare any food that can be refrigerated overnight.
  • Buy the buns (what’s Christmas dinner without fresh buns??!!).
  • Pull out any frozen appetizers and desserts you made back in week 4. Plate them beautifully and rewrap them so they are more spruced up than in their freezer packages.

The Big Day!

  • Do your last minute tidy of the house.
  • Cook dinner
  • Put on a great outfit and enjoy your friends and family!

I LOVE a list! I hope this helps you stay organized and relaxed over the holidays!
See you tomorrow for Day 5 of my 12 Days of Christmas…