12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 3 ~ What I'm Wearing

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12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 3 ~ What I'm Wearing

I LOVE clothes! Finding the perfect outfit for every occasion brings me joy! 

I don't believe in being uncomfortable at the cost of fashion though. My ideal outfits are as cute as they are comfortable! This year I have events ranging from PJ parties to formal party's and everything in between. This is what I'm wearing to all of it...


PJ Party Style


Whether it's a girls-night-in or your family's tradition to wear matching jammie's every year, these are my picks for the holiday season! 

*Links to products can be reached by clicking the photos*

PJ Party!






Dinner at Friends

Spending time with friends and family is my absolute favourite part of the holidays! Here's what I'm wearing to dinner party's this year...


First layer... Leopard!



Second Layer... Leather



Third Layer... Over the Knee Boots




Formal Party's


I LOVE a fancy party and any excuse to dress up! This year I get a couple chances to be fancy and I can't wait! Here are my two dress choices for my events...



12 Days of Christmas - Day 3 - What I'm Wearing





What're you wearing to your holiday events? I'd love to hear from you! 

Join me tomorrow for Day 4 of my 12 Days of Christmas! I'm chatting about some pretty spectacular women who offer the BEST products and services for the holiday season!