12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 9 ~ Holiday Recipes

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12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 9 ~ Holiday Recipes


There's so much tradition around food during the holidays. So many of us serve the exact same meals year after year. The one place I am open to experimenting is the appetizers I serve at the various party's I host. This year I am having a houseful so I want recipes that can be made ahead and served all evening! I'd rather socialize than be pulling food in and out of the oven all night. And my track record with this has proven that I don't pay enough attention to the oven once the party starts! I'm more of a socializer than a chef! 



Sweet + Savory Meatballs

I like to serve a few things hot so I pull out the Crockpot. These are hearty and warm and they could NOT be easier!



2 lbs Meatballs

2 1/2 Cups Grape Jelly

18 oz Sweet Baby Ray's Original BBQ Sauce



1. Add jam and BBQ sauce to Crockpot - stir well

2. Add meatballs 

3. Stir occasionally, cook until hot and sauce is simmering



Stuffed Dates

These break my rule about using the oven but they just need to be warmed so I am allowing it! These could not be easier and they are a great option for preparing in advance, warming and serving! 




Medjool Pitted Dates

Balsamic Reduction 

4 oz Goat Cheese

24 Almonds



1. Cut dates in half

2. Stuff dates with cheese

3. Place almond on top of cheese

4. Bake for ten minutes @ 350 Degrees

5. Drizzle with balsamic reduction



Shrimp Surprise Dip 

This is a Christmas classic! Sheehan's don't have a party without this crowd pleaser. I love that this dip is actually better the next day. I also love that the tomatoes and green onion on the top give a festive look to your holiday table!




8 oz Cream Cheese

3/4 Cup Sour Cream

1 Can Cocktail Shrimp

1 Cup Cocktail Sauce

4 Green Onion

1 Tomato 

2 Cups Grated Tex Mex Cheese



1. Combine sour cream and cream cheese until smooth

2. Pour sour cream and cream cheese mixture into 9x13 inch serving dish

3. Chop tomato and green onion, place to the side

4. Working in layers add shrimp, then add cocktail sauce layer, then add grated cheese layer

5. Garnish the top with tomato and green onion 


Buffalo Chicken Dip 

This the biggest crowd pleaser I have ever made. It usually lasts about 20 minutes and it's gone! It's super easy and it is very hearty. I like that it is served warm. You can warm it in the oven or put it into a crock pot if you have guests coming and going all evening.




8 oz Cream Cheese

3/4 Cup Sour Cream

1/2 Cup Ranch Dressing

1/2 Cup Frank's RedHot

1 Cup Grated Tex Mex Cheese

2 1/2 Cups Cooked Chicken



1. Combine sour cream and cream cheese until smooth

2. Add in ranch and Franks RedHot

3. Fold in chicken and grated cheese

4. Place entire mixture into baking dish or Crockpot

5. Heat and serve


Brie & Banquet

This year I'm cheating a little bit! I am OBSESSED with a local Calgary company called Brie & Banquet. They create the most beautiful charcuterie boards, dessert boards, grazing board and picnic boards. They have something for every occasion! 


Here's what I ordered! 

Charcuterie Board


Crudite Board



The Best Part ... Chocolate Board 





What are your favourite holiday recipes? I love entertaining and I think planning the menu is the best part! Thank you for following along on my 12 Days of Christmas journey! It means the world to me. Join me tomorrow for my favourite beauty products post!