E-Design: How It Works

The difference between paying the big bucks for an in-house designer and our affordable at-home design service is that you are part of the process right from the start. The first thing we need you to do is tell us all about yourself, your room, your life and your hopes for the space. Here’s how you get started:

Once you purchase your design service we will send you a Design Questionnaire to begin gathering your information immediately.

Get Started

Your Part

1. Your completed design questionnaire of your space
This will be a survey emailed to you about you, your life and your space.

2. Room measurements and simple drawings
This includes everything from windows, cabinetry, room height variances or any other items that your room presents.

3. Photos of room and any available furniture
We need at least 4 pictures of the room in order to get a full understanding of space. The best way to photograph a room is to go into each corner and take a photo of the opposite corner. Do this in each corner until you have covered the entire room. Add any photos that show height variances, design challenges or furniture and art you’re keeping.

Pictures say a thousand words so the more you send the better.

4. Furniture measurements and simple drawings

Our Part

Once you’ve managed to finalize all the details from your end then it’s our turn to make your dream room become a reality. Whether it’s a subtle change or a big one we have enough options to meet your ideas and budget.

The Best Part

Once you’ve filled out the design questionnaire and sent in photos and measurements you will receive a full design package for your room.

Your package will include a design plan, furniture floor plans, paint and product selections that Dayle recommends to create your perfect room.

Once your package arrives it’s time to decorate your beautiful new space and start living in a home designed specifically for you.

We are always here to help. Contact us at anytime, for any reason. Our materials will provide a guide through this process. However, you can always contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to support you.

Get Started