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April 11, 2014
Throwing a Chic Orange + Black Halloween Party
October 26, 2014

Happy Easter My Loves

Easter in my house growing up was ALWAYS such a great time of the year. My Mom out did herself year after year with our treasure hunt of gifts and treats scattered throughout the house. The sneaky clues guiding my Sister and I from one location to the next was completely exhilarating. Easter also brought a yearly visit from cousins, playing outside and the best of all decorating Easter eggs!!!

This year I veered away from the traditional egg dying kit and did something a little different. Decorating eggs with acrylic paint creates an edgier and bolder egg.


Step 1:

Boil eggs, let them cool and dry them completely


Step 2:

Choose your colour palette


Step 3:

Paint random shapes with different colours until your egg is covered


Step 4:

Using a gold metallic marker outline the different shapes separating the colours you’ve painted


Step 5:

The finishing touch is adding polka dots, chevron, hearts and stripes



This fun take on traditional egg decorating is a simple craft for kids or anyone who loves Easter!


Happy Easter


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