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January 5, 2018
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Has your house been hit with an Explosion of Lego?


As a designer and a lover of organized and simple spaces I can relate to

parents struggle with wrangling toys. Clutter is a problem we all face and as

your family grows so does the ‘stuff’. Each family member has their own

hobbies and interests that all lead to more ‘stuff’ to manage.


The trouble with lego is you can’t just dump your child’s on-going masterpiece into

the ‘lego’ organization system you’ve created to hide the mess. There needs to be a spot

where the half finished piece of art can live while the project is being completed and once

completed that masterpiece needs to be displayed so your child can proudly show their

friends and Grandparents all of their hard work!  As with all design and storage

dilemmas, creating a designated space and some structure for the Lego mess to

fit into will make all of the difference.



Here are my suggestions for tackling this problem…




First Step





Lego Storage





Creating an organized space for your child to easily find the pieces and colours they need

will allow them to enjoy their Lego and it’ll make sure you aren’t stepping

on Lego pieces all over the house! For all of the OCD’er’s like me I love

the idea of storing the Lego pieces in colour coordinated

bins that are low enough for your child to access themselves.

But how you organize the Lego within these storage bins is totally up to you

and likely you’ll just be happy to have them in a bin versus all over the floor!



Here are my top picks for products that work well to store Lego…

(Click Photos for Link to Product)




Here’s a great way that the above storage cabinet has been

used to create the perfect Lego storage + work space.




Some other great options…










Second Step




Designated Lego Table


(Click the photo above for a DIY Lego Station Tutorial)



Chose a corner of your child’s bedroom, playroom or the basement tv room to set

up the Lego station. Keeping the above mentioned storage bins close to this table is

critical for not having Lego spread across the entire house. Having a table that is only for

Lego is ideal because the ‘work in progress’ has a home that isn’t the dining table or

the living room coffee table where the rest of the family is fighting for space.




Some other great Lego Table Options …


Find a great kids table + Chair set that matches your decor



Use an inexpensive coffee table or even better refurnish an old one!




Create a wall of storage and incorporate the Lego Station into it like the one below.




Step 3



Display Shelves




Because your child spends so much time on their creations they will likely not be

willing to destroy the pirate ship the moment it’s done and return the individual pieces

back into the Lego storage bins. My suggestion for this is to use the wall space in the

child’s bedroom or playroom to have a small Lego themed display area.

Adding shelves to display the creations adds some decor to the space and

the pride that your babes will have when you display their

work of art will be worth all of the mess and organization that Lego brings!










I hope this helps clean up your Lego explosion and allows

your child to enjoy their Lego play time even more!





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