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July 7, 2012
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August 1, 2012

I Heart Hearts

I don’t think I have ever shared this on my blog but I am obsessed with hearts. I have been doodling hearts since I was a little girl. The perfect, symmetrical heart satisfies the perfectionist in me! It weird, I know but when I have an obsession I am serious about it!

I have carried my love of hearts into decor. Here are some decor pieces I have found that use hearts in a very chic way:

Etsy is an awesome place to find anything under the sun to decorate your life! I have found some great heart decor pieces:

Displaying hearts on the walls:

I love this piece of art for a little girls room. It incorporates two trends: ombre and hearts!


Serving dishes are another obsession of mine. (although I am not a great cook!) I have to have the perfect candy bowl, platter or whatever the meal requires to present food beautifully! Here are two sets of nesting bowls I love. The first is from  Etsy and the second is from my collection. I purchased them from Bowering.

A store called SugarBoo Designs has tons of gorgeous decor including these heart pillows I think are great:

Now I will caution you to pick one or two of these decor ideas and not go all ’13 year old with a crush’ on your entire house! It is a fun, whimsical touch that can be over used!

I hope you all find a little heart to display in your homes!


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