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March 21, 2012
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April 5, 2012

I want it now!!!!

Over the weekend I attended a party where many of the guests have recently purchased their first homes. Naturally the conversation moved to interior design. Because I LOVE interior design and I never turn down the chance to discuss the ‘ins and outs’ of it all everyone shared their design dilemmas with me. 
It struck me as interesting that everyone wanted to change at least one thing (most had a much longer list) about their new homes. Budgets are the enemy in this situation. They all want their homes to be as pulled together as the homes they see on pinterest, in magazines or their parents homes. After discussing everyones dilemmas the common theme was their homes weren’t feeling like ‘their’ space or properly ‘pulled together’.
Something I have noticed is younger people (I am possibly the worst offender of all) aren’t willing to buy a home and just live in it ‘as is’. When our parents were young they bought their first home and that was a huge accomplishment….period. They were satisfied. Today buying a home is still one of life’s biggest accomplishments but the world has changed. An example I often use (this is on much smaller scale) is my Mom had the same dinnerware from her wedding for 25 years before she considered getting something new. I have gone through 2 or 3 sets in my short domestic life. If I want to change something I can always find a 48 piece set of dinnerware that satisfies my immediate need to have all crisp white in every single cupboard. Then one day decide I can’t live without a  turquoise set so I go buy another 48 piece set for $39.99 and voila! 
I am not saying this is a bad thing its just a shift in how we think of ‘stuff’. Actually as a designer I love that the world has so many accessible options to achieve anything I can think of for my clients. Also the fact that young families take pride in their homes and want to improve them is a wonderful thing. 
This is a very interesting decorating challenge for me. The budget isn’t there to get EVERYTHING on their wish list but I take pride in using peoples budget dollars as efficiently as possible to achieve their goals. 
So from a budget conscious perspective here are a few tips to freshen up your space:
1.Paint, Paint, Paint – I highly recommend using a designer for this if you are not confident in paint selection as we all had a laugh at my Sisters violently bright lime green bathroom that she thought would have a mild green undertone! She learned her lesson and took my advise when painting the rest of the house!
2. Don’t cheap out – If you don’t have the budget to change the flooring to what you really want and you pick something you aren’t in love with you will end up redoing it sooner than later. Don’t pay for the same upgrade twice. Plus the ‘bones’ of your home are the things you want to last the test of time so do it right.
3. Accessorize! – Accessories have a small price tag but make a huge impact if done well. They give your home visual interest, color, texture and make it feel like home.
4. Light it up – Lighting is possibly my favorite design element because simply changing the island pendant can update the whole kitchen. Plus it doesn’t have to be expensive. Box stores often have great options for reasonable prices.
My advise is to relax! Don’t panic it will all come together in time. : )
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