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April 5, 2012
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June 22, 2012

Las Vegas Inspiration

I have not blogged for a few weeks but I am back! 
I recently had the opportunity to go on a two part vacay to Phoenix and Las Vegas. My trip was filled with 5 of the greatest girls I know having a blast in the Arizona sun. We shopped, we ate, we suntanned, we laughed and we loved every minute of it! 
This weeks blog is not however, inspired by my time in Phoenix. After Phoenix I went to Las Vegas with my sister for the Garth Brooks concert. (As a side note it was absolutely amazing and I am soooo happy I got the opportunity to go!)

Las Vegas is where this weeks blog was born.
When people think of Las Vegas they think of ‘Sin City’. Gambling, partying, shows and all things sinful! I of course made time to check out all of the hotels architecture and decor. For the design-aholic in me I focused mostly on all of the over the top, incredible design elements that Vegas has to offer. 
I have pinpointed my two favorite design elements used in the most opulent ways over and over again in Las Vegas. The first is the use of fresh flowers. In Vegas we did not eat a single meal without the presence of a lovely flower arrangement. Sometimes small other times large. Every time it was a very nice touch. In my everyday life I think flowers brighten any space, add life, texture and are ALWAYS welcome in any room. I love to have a small arrangement in a guest bath or a beautiful arrangement on the dining table or island. You can never go wrong with a beautiful flower arrangement. 
Here are some of my favorite uses of flowers from my trip to Las Vegas. They are as over the top as Vegas but will give a little inspiration for your next arrangement!

My favourite Hotel for Flowers was definitely the Wynn. Checkout some of the AMAZING arrangements:
The runner up for the best flowers in Vegas was the Bellagio Hotel: 

My second favorite design element that continually takes my breath away in Las Vegas is the light fixtures. I have mentioned my love of and the importance of light fixtures before but Las Vegas takes it to a whole new level!
Here are some of my favourites:

The Cosmopolitan Hotel was my favourite overall hotel design but they also won for the best light fixtures I have ever seen. Here are a few highlights:

The runner up for light fixtures was the Wynn Hotel:
I had  a great trip and a ton of fun and found inspiration when I wasn’t expecting it! That is my favourite!

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