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Mastering High / Low Design


The Ultimate Dilemma in Design is Managing the BUDGET!!!




Budgets are the worst! But we all have them and it feels sooooo much better at the

end of the day if you honour your budget and still get the space you’ve ALWAYS dreamt of!






Today I’m sharing the secrets to High / Low Design that the experts use.

At Dayle Sheehan Interior Design we take our clients budgets

very seriously and we ALWAYS want your home to be perfect.





Here are the questions to ask yourself to determine if it’s a save or splurge moment…




Statement Pieces



Is this a decor item that will create the ‘LOOK’ you are striving for?

Identify the importance of the item in the overall scheme of the home’s look.

A sofa or piece of art is a large scale item that sets the tone for the whole home.

Splurging on these statement pieces that will be with you

and your family for a long time is always a good idea.



Identifying High Profile Areas



Is this item going to be in an area that has high visibility

and is an integral spot to create the home’s overall look?

Every home has pivotal spots that need great decor.

Higher profile areas with more traffic are places to spend.

The importance of the area decides whether the item being

displayed is worth splurging or a great spot to save.


For instance. If it’s the ONE decor piece on the mantel or the dining table

and those are both places you consider important spots then you should splurge.

Alternatively if you are shopping for decor for the Guest bathroom upstairs that’s

rarely used you can find more cost efficient items that look

great but aren’t central to the home’s overall look.



What do you value?



Is having the perfect master retreat your dream?

Then spend money on these personal spaces. Your home should reflect what you value.

I absolutely love great bedding. I would rather borrow a few budget dollars from

the overall bedding budget for the whole home and splurge on the master bedroom linens.

Cutting back in the guest bedroom and even the kids bedrooms is how

you balance the books while still getting the great bedding you value.






Does the quality match the amount of wear and tear the item will receive?

If you have a busy family with lots of traffic using the sofa or walking on the area rug

you should spend more so that you won’t be replacing the item every few years.

On the other hand find a fun, cost effective chair that’s less practical for the office accent chair.




Now lets put you to work and see which items you’d spend on and which one you’d rather splurge!




Here are some great High / Low items we featured on Global Mornings Calgary

that outline how you can find similar decor pieces at different price points…

+++Click Photo’s for Links to Products+++



White Faux Fur Pillows









Marble Trays








Black & White Vases


$60 + $45



$17 + $13















Decorative Objects

$39.99 & $54.99




$19 + $29





Balancing high end taste with the ever demanding budget constraints

that we all face is the ultimate challenge in design.

I know this sounds daunting but I promise you that once you

manage the art of High / Low design you will actually find it fun!




Which one would you splurge or save on?

We’d love to hear from you!

Comment, Like + Share this Blog and give us your feed back!




Happy Shopping!



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