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12 Days of Christmas - Day 2 - Setting The Perfect Table

I have never been so excited to celebrate with my loved ones and I am already dreaming about gathering around a table and having all of the conversations, laughs and creating so many memories after these last two missed holiday seasons.

If setting the perfect Christmas table feels overwhelming for you, I'm here to help! I am sharing 5 easy steps to creating the perfect holiday table! Let's get started so you can wow your family and friends this Christmas!

Step 1 - Choose Your Colour Palette

Choosing the colour scheme you want to use is the first step in creating a polished and pulled together look. Ask yourself, do you want a neutral and natural palette? Or a traditional red? Maybe a blush and gold palette? Or a black and white scheme?

Here's a little inspiration to help you decide what direction you want to go this year!

Step 2 - Create a Centrepiece

I have heard from clients that the centrepiece is where the table starts to feel overwhelming so let's break this one down to the different elements that can be added:

Add a table clothe, a fabric runner or a foliage runner.

This is very important for larger tables.

It will visually fill the table and pull all of the floating elements together.

Add flowers

If you only do one thing in the centre of your table, have fresh flowers.

They make everything more beautiful.

Add candles

This is not a necessity but adding some tall and shorter candle holders create visual interest and depth to your table and helps move the eye around your beautiful table!

Step 3 - Choose Your Menu

Choose your menu so that you ensure your tableware is appropriate for the meal being served. I love printing the menu for an elevated experience! You can use Canva or Vistaprint to create these quickly and easily yourself!

Step 4 - Choose Your Serveware

Once you have the menu set you will know exactly what you will require to serve your beautiful meal on. I like to start with a charger plate that stays on the table for all of the courses. Choosing the right sized plates for appetizers, meals and dessert is important. Will you need a salad fork and a dinner fork? Will you need a butter knife or a steak knife or both? Also consider if you will need any specialty items like seafood crackers and forks or cheese knives and spreaders.

Don't forget the right glassware!

What are you serving to drink? You will need the right glasses for any signature drinks. Serving your drinks in a beautiful glass is almost as important as how the drink tastes!

Step 5 - The Finishing Touches

My favourite finishing touches make your family and friends feel like an honoured guest. Love really is in the details. I love when I am at a dinner party and the host has taken the time to set out place cards or a cute little treat or gift at every place setting. I love leaving a little gift box filled with my favourite chocolate or a cute Christmas cookie during the holidays!

I hope this helps you set your perfect table this season! I am so excited to be hosting, see friends and family and enjoying my people again. I hope you have the chance to spend time with your loved ones sharing a meal and making memories! See you tomorrow for Day 3 of my 12 Days of Christmas!


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