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12 Days of Christmas - Day 5 - Shop Small - Jewelry + Accessories

Everyone knows I LOVE a great earring or an arm full of bracelets or a great statement necklace! Shopping locally and with small businesses is always an important thing to do but this year it's more important than ever. Entrepreneurs need us to keep our dollars (when possible) to stay in our own communities. For the next three days, I am highlighting my FAVOURITE local artists, creators, designers and service providers for your gift-giving needs! Today is day 1 of my shop local lists and I am sharing my favourite local jewelry and accessory designers!


Let's Jump Right in!


If you have been here for a minute you know I love earrings! The bigger, the better! I have two favourite, local earring designers and they have very different but both stunning selections. Here's what I love about each of them...

They are large, they are light as a feather, they are affordable and they come in the CUTEST colours and styles!


Luna Lou

The jewelry these two gorgeous women create is almost as beautiful as they are. Each piece is carefully designed and created by them. Moms, wives, artists and businesswomen. I am very proud of them for the brand they have built and the products they make! Check out Luna Lou's website to see what they have to gift your loved ones this holiday season!

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Tish Jewelry

This beautiful woman has been creating earrings I love for many years now! I am beyond grateful for the last-minute requests to replace earrings I wrecked and the quick drop-off's she has made happen for me! You make BEAUTIFUL products and I am so grateful I have connected with you and I have found you and your brand! Check out Tish Jewelry's collection of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets for the jewelry lover in your life!

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Rosie Joan

Did you know that the amazing lady behind Rosie Joan isn't named Rosie, it's Shannon? She started her company to honour her Grandma and that she has done! Whether you have a glam gal to buy for (she wants the Jilly Stack, FYI) or a jewelry minimalist in your life, Rosie Joan has something for you! Go check out Rosie Joan's website for your gift-giving needs!

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Latrevi Chainz

Latrevi, like the businesses listed above, has an amazing human being behind the brand. This lovely lady gives back to the city of Calgary in INCREDIBLE ways. Her never-ending support for charities close to her heart is something that I admire. Latrevi started during Covid to create a stylish mask chain that keeps your mask out of your purse, off the table or worse off the floor of a public place! I wear mine as an accessory! If I'm not wearing it as a mask chain I can wear it as a regular necklace. The best part of Latrevi Chainz is they even make collars for animals! Check out their website to see all of their products and buy your loved ones the hottest accessory of the year!

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Bean & Bear

I have a secret! I never stopped wearing scrunchies. I am fully aware that scrunchies were very in style in the '80's when I was a child but went out of style for MANY years, but, my love for scrunchies wouldn't die. I just carried on through the 90's and the 2000's when they weren't cool. I put them on the arm of my wheelchair so I never lose or forget my scrunchie! Lucky for me, scrunchies are back and this awesome company has got me wearing some actually stylish ones! Yay! They sell the cutest scrunchies (the velvet ones are my fav!), beanies for adults and children and the CUTEST headbands! All of Bean and Bear's products make great gifts or stocking stuffers!

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All of these awesome, local companies work their butts off to create handmade, local goods that are the perfect gifts for your loved ones! I hope this helps you find your jewelry and accessory lovers the perfect, locally sourced, affordable gifts this season! Stay tuned for tomorrows second edition of my local gift-guide series chatting all about services that make GREAT gifts!


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