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12 Days of Christmas - Day 6 - Shop Small - Services

I've got a gal or guy for everything! I love having places and people that I go back to over and over again for the services I love. Now more than ever I am keeping my bubble small and staying very loyal to the service providers I love. Giving the gift of experiences and services is one of my favourite things to do. I often feel like I have too much 'stuff' and getting an experience or an opportunity to work with a service provider is something I truly value. Here are my fav's!


Brows By Ciara

I can't say enough about how much I would like to receive this as a gift! I have micro-bladed eyebrows but they require a touch up every year or two (depending on your skin and hair colour). I would give Darren MAJOR brownie points for buying me a gift I would buy myself! Brows By Ciara is the best in the business. She is an instructor for new artists and she has many years under her belt so she is who I trusted to essentially tattoo my face! I am so proud of the business she has built! Contact Ciara today to buy a gift card for your loved ones who have new brows on their list!

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My Personal Concierge

In addition to concierge services, My Personal Concierge YYC offers Home Organization services; Virtual, Collaborative, and Full Service available! My Personal Concierge YYC is now offering gift certificates! My Personal Concierge YYC is transforming life’s chaos to calm one task at a time - Bringing joy and happiness to clients by giving them the gift of time, allowing them to focus on their life’s passion. Below you will find a list of concierge services provided.

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Grato Coaching

Do you have an entrepreneur in your life that could use the gift of coaching? Who uses a coach and why?

The simple answer is people who want more! They are people who want growth in their professional and personal lives (or both), and they want to feel supported in their quest to achieve it. Anyone, in any walk of life, for almost any reason can hire a coach. The common goal is the desire to improve upon their life.

Professional Reasons...

Businesses have begun to hire coaches to give their employees access to the skills that will help excel their professional lives and careers. There are also many business owners, CEO’s and professionals that are using coaching as a tool to help them identify, set, and stay accountable to their goals reaching greater success in their professional lives.


Personal Reasons...

We all have goals in our personal lives. Whether it’s to find love, or improve existing relationships, to parent in a calmer way, finding your life purpose, being more confident, or simply finding happiness. We all have areas that feel blurry while we are in the middle of them. Coaching allows a safe space to explore the ways to improve these areas without judgement and find action-based solutions to achieve great results!

Contact Heather at Grato Coaching to find out how you can give the gift of coaching to a loved one or yourself! Grato Coaching has changed how I do business and I can't recommend Heather enough!

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Frilly Lily Aspen + Okotoks

Frilly Lily Aspen has been in business for 10 years! This Mother-Daughter Duo are the definition of hardworking bosses! If you have a beauty treatment lover in your life Frilly is the perfect place to grab a gift card and even better if you give the person the gift of your time and join them for a pedicure or manicure together! Frilly also does waxing (goodbye moustache!), lash extensions, facial treatments and sells some of the best products, gifts and trinkets in the entire city! A must stop for your holiday gifting!

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Spark Joy with Helen

Hey Calgarians, did you know we have a certified Konmari expert right here in our city? Each KonMari Tidying Lesson is an in-home or virtual organizing session where you work collaboratively using the principles of the KonMari Method™. These lessons will provide the guidance and support you need to transform your home into a space of joy and serenity, one KonMari category at a time, following the order of: Clothes, Books, Papers, Komono (miscellaneous) and Sentimental Items. As this process is highly personalized, there are various packages available and designed based on the level of support you need to complete your home transformation. An amazing gift to give a loved one or yourself! Contact Helen to find out how to gift her amazing services!


We have a city full of incredible people who run small businesses. They pour their heart and soul into their work. If you have a loved one who would love to receive any of the products and services I have highlighted I hope you will contact and purchase from small businesses this holiday season and beyond!

See you tomorrow!


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