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12 Days of Christmas - Day 9 - Great Gifts for the Kiddo's

I get pure joy out of shopping for my babies over the holidays. I have so many ideas and they are so easy to impress and their happy little faces are the best part of the holidays! This year we are surprising my sister's kids on Christmas Eve. They have been told we are unable to come to Kelowna for the holiday and we will be at their house after their day of skiing on Christmas Eve! It's going to be so magical! Being with my family during the holidays is the only gift I need!

Let's jump into my Kids Gift Guide!
A Guitar

I have to give Darren credit for coming up with this great idea for Ari this year! She mentioned that she would like to learn the guitar and Uncle Darren compared and shopped and found the absolute cutest options for guitars for kids!

Roller Blades

Mila Rae is our little sporty spice and this is what she has been dreaming about!

A Gum Ball Machine

I actually don't recommend buying this gift at all but my little Penn has asked for ONE thing for Christmas and because his parents are reasonable, rational people they know better than to purchase this but Auntie's are not the voice of reason he is getting this and I can't wait!

A New Game

If your kids like a little kid appropriate toilet humour and love to belly laugh, this is the game for your family! I can't wait to play it this Christmas with my bugs!


Go Check Out My Amazon '12 Days of Christmas' Wishlist for More Ideas!

See the full list HERE


This holiday I hope your littles wake up to the gift they have been dreaming of! Happy shopping, wrapping and creating magical moments this holiday! Tomorrow I'm shifting gears away from gift giving so don't miss tomorrow's blog!



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