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12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 8 ~ Avoid These Holiday Entertaining Mistakes

It is a lot of work to host a party and it's very easy to forget to do certain things while in the swing of entertaining! Today I'm giving you my list of holiday mistakes I often make so you don't!


Don't Forget To Introduce Guests

This is my signature move. I have a hard time remembering who has met one another and who is meeting for the first time. I also get busy doing the hosting duties like making food and serving drinks and just lose track of introductions. I find it best to reintroduce rather than to forget the introductions and leave guests to fend for themselves.

Don't Run Out Of Food

I always over do it on the food and drinks but I don't like when there isn't enough to go around. It is important to watch the time of your event to ensure you are foreseeing how hungry your guests will be. If it's over meal times plan to feed people enough to replace that meal. What this means is you can either serve a proper meal or if you are making a buffet of food for picking at, there needs to be enough variety and quantity to replace a meal. Brunch and lunch events require less pieces per person than a dinner hour event. Depending on your crowd I like to go with 4-8 appetizer pieces per person. I will add some filler items like veggies and dip, chips and nuts to supplement. Plus I always serve sweets! When planning these menus think at least one protein, a few carb options, some vegetable options and who has a party without cheese??

Don't Forget To Turn On The Music

I do this EVERY SINGLE TIME! Thankfully Darren is better at being the DJ than I am! Music helps set the tone. A fancy dinner party needs different music than a mix and mingle party! Christmas is the easiest time to play everyones favourite Christmas carols and have great atmosphere.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Just because you are the host does not mean you have to do all of the work! Ask friends and family to bring something or help set up, take down, pour drinks or greet guests at the door. Your friends and family love you and want you to have fun too!

Don't Forget To Have Fun!

This one is self explanatory but how often have you had a party and by the time you did everything the party was almost over? Have the fun, be present and don't get stressed over anything!


I hope your holiday parties are all a blast! And don't sweat the small stuff!



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