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February 24, 2018
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March 26, 2018

SomeBunny’s Ready to Decorate for Easter!

I LOVE Easter!

I have so many fond memories of being a kid.

The Easter Bunny at our house was always up for

the challenge of planning an elaborate ‘Hunt’!

We ran  from clue to clue finding our next treasure!

As a kid it was magical.



Looking back at this tradition as an adult makes me

understand where my love of ALL occasions comes from.

My Mom is the master of doing things well and making it look effortless.



Decor-wise Easter isn’t as big as Christmas for me BUT

 I LOVE details and I think adding some

great little touches to your Easter Dinner, Egg Hunt or

Family Gathering is a nice way to weave a bit of fun into your event.



I always say love is in the details and if I’m having family & friends

over for any reason I like to do it well. Just like my Momma!


Check out some of the items I’m loving for Easter this year…

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Okay, I’ll be honest and admit the toaster has NOTHING to do with your

Easter Festivities but I REALLY want it and because the colour works

I thought I’d share what I’m coveting right now!


Now the BEST Part…

The Kids!



Basically the most fun part of any holiday is spoiling my Nieces and Nephews.

Decorating, planning Easter hunts, baking, and painting Easter eggs

is all done to create memories I hope they will remember fondly.

Here are some of the Kid Friendly things I’m loving this Easter…



A Fun Twist on Egg Decorating

This kit is the cutest!



You’ve Gotta Dress the Part!



Colouring Placemats = Kid Table Decor + An Activity for the Kids!



You can fill these Babies up with anything you want! AND they’re $1.99!



+++++++++Click Photos for Product Links+++++++++


What’re your Easter Traditions? I want to hear from you.

Comment here or on Dayle Sheehan Interior Design’s Social Media!


Happy Easter! XO




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