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March 12, 2012
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April 3, 2012

Something Different!

This weeks blog has been my hardest to write. It’s not that I don’t have blog topics I want to discuss. Every time I go to write about something I am bored of it before I even finish so I have to assume all of you will be just as bored upon reading it! When I went to discuss interior design this week I realized that for the last 4 days I haven’t thought about ANYTHING interior design related and that is extremely rare for me! 
The reason my head isn’t into interior design this week is because my bestie visited me all the way from Costa Rica. We have known each other since we were 11 years old so we are more like sisters than friends. She has relocated to Costa Rica and our visits are few and far between but that doesn’t mean we take a bunch of time to warm up to one another. She arrived in Phoenix and we hit the road running straight to the mall where we belong! 
Our little vacay together was centered around new summer clothes shopping and more excitingly finding her the perfect wedding dress!  Right now I can pretty much guide you to any store for the perfect blazer or maxi dress in all of Phoenix! We had a ton of fun and both pumped up our summer wardrobes plus accomplished the very important goal of finding the most beautiful wedding gown for her special day. Unfortunately that is TOP SECRET info I am not allowed to discuss! So I will tell you about our summer shopping!
I am definitely not a fashion expert but I thought I would share some of the products and styles I am loving for summer! 

Here are the staple items I shopped for this year:

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a denim jacket! 
I live in maxi dresses in the summer. Here are a few options:
Cute sandals are a staple! Nordstrom has the best shoe department in the city of Phoenix (in my opinion!). Here are my winners:
An adorable off the shoulder shirt is one of my fav looks:
Bathing suits & bathing suit cover ups are a necessity. Victoria Secret has the best selection:
My fav color nail polish color for summer is Peach because its bright and fun! Plus it is a big change from the usual black I wear most of the winter. Here are a few great polish colors:
Nail polish strips are my new addiction! Check out all of the cool patterns:
I hope you enjoy my summer shopping guide!

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