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August 1, 2012
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November 27, 2012

Summer LOVE

Although summer is coming to an end I am not ready to give up on summer topics! I LOVE summer and in Canada we have a short summer span. We need to suck up every moment of sunshine we get!

There are all kinds of summer properties that are the ideal way to spend those lazy summer days. I am the LUCKIEST person on earth and have the privilege of spending time in Kelowna, British Columbia at my parents summer home. It is HEAVEN! 

Cabins, Cottages, Summer Homes, Beach houses, or Camps….Whatever you call them here are some amazing properties!



 Summer Homes

 Beach Houses


My summer paradise….I am so grateful to spend time in beautiful Kelowna!

I think each and every one of these properties are pretty heavenly! The way I look at summer is if you get to spend time in the sun with the people you love it is a great day! 


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