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March 26, 2018
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December 1, 2018

Sun-Shiny Summer Decor

Everything is more fun in the sun…

Including Decorating!




Summer’s here and I know that most of us don’t care about the inside

of our homes all that much. We are all so grateful to be spending time

outdoors soaking up the sunshine we wait for all year long! 

But what if I told you that you could make small changes to your space that would bring

the sunshiny feeling into your home so that even on rainy days your home has that fresh, summery feel? 





Here’s how!





Just Add YELLOW!




The use of yellow instantly adds a pop of colour.

I lean toward brighter tones to bring in the summer feel.

Adding decor pieces in bold shades of yellow will have a huge impact on your space. 


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Vintage Beach Art




The vintage art scene is huge right now and my favourite

 genre is that California retro look.

Beaches, palm trees, motel pools, and neon signs. I love it all.

This kitschy vibe is fun and full of life. It’s perfect for summer!










Lamp Revamp!



Do you have a lamp you love?

A tip I always give clients is to repurpose what you already have. 

Use a lamp you love and add a fun new shade.

You can change it back at any time and it’s an affordable

way to bring in a little colour and fun. 









Functional + Fabulous




With any luck, it’ll be a smokin’ hot summer.

For everybody that doesn’t have AC this is your fix! 

Find a fan that’s actually cute.

Why does a functional item need to be an eyesore?

Retro fans are the perfect blend of form and function!









Go Tropical




Tropical decor is fun and is a little reminder of warmer days. I LOVE pineapples.

They instantly remind us of days spent on the beach in the sunshine. 








The Old Classic



Fresh Flowers are ALWAYS a great idea.

We all plant flowers throughout our yards but let’s bring some of that freshness indoors.

The summer months are great because flowers won’t break the

bank if you stay with blooms that are in season. 






Do you change your decor seasonally?

What’re your favourite elements to change in and out?

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