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12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 2 ~ What the Heck Are We Wearing This Year?!

I almost always include a style guide for the holidays and this year is no different. I will say I have been having a mid-life crisis about clothes for the last year!

The news from the influencers is skinny jeans, side parts and clothes that fit are out. Wider legs, middle parts and over-sized clothes are in. I didn't know how attached I was to the above mentioned styles but I will tell you it's been a transition! I am petite so large clothes with little shape don't feel right for me but I have been experimenting and I am getting into it... sort of!

I love tailored and polished clothes. I like clothes that feel like 'adult' clothes versus teenager clothes. I like clothes that stay in place and I like being a little dressed up on the daily so here is my list of styles I am wearing this holiday season!


Monochromatic Knit Sets

Tone-on-tone sets that have simple shapes are my thing! I have bought more skirts this year than ever. I love the monochromatic look and I love pairing a variety of my favourite boots with these styles.

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The Perfect Jean

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We can all send a thank you message to my sissy who has the best natural style of any one I know. She did the research by ordering and ordering and found the perfect jean.

Because she's the best friend a person can have, she sent out a message to all of us to buy these immediately. The funny thing is, these jeans fit each friend in the group entirely different but no matter who is wearing them, they're so cute and fit great. I love how the high waist and thicker fabric stays in place and gives a bit of a tuck!

Something to note about this pair is that you can order these in many colours and lengths. I am 4'11 so I was able to order the 26 length and get the cropped look I wanted.

In the scheme of great denim I was also impressed with the price of these. I hate paying a ton for jeans so $126 feels like a fair and decent price for something I will wear for many years.


The Perfect Blazer

Now that we have jeans, what do we wear with it? A blazer. My blazer headquarters this year is Zara. I love the variety and price point. For under $100 you can find many beautiful options that feel rich without the crazy price tag. The great part about shopping at Zara is you can head into a store to try on to find your perfect blazer fit!

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Shoes For Every Occasion

I'm loving a slouch style boot for my longer skirt and sweater sets and to get the odd day back in skinny jeans!

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For a more casual look I am loving this style. I have been calling them fat bottoms (definitely not a technical term!)

So, I'm not an old fashion runner lover, but I am loving these monochromatic styles. They sure are comfortable and mixing casual shoes with dressier clothing is very in right now.


Whatever you wear this year, all that matters is that you feel like a million bucks and you have a great time!

Join me tomorrow for Day 3 of my 12 Days of Christmas. I am tackling holiday decor trends!



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