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12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 9 ~ Money Saving Tips for the Holiday's

EVERYTHING costs more these days so we can all use some tips to save money this holiday season!


Tip #1

Do Gifts Differently

Pick names for gifts or do fun gift exchanges to cut down on the number of gifts everyone has to buy. This allows everyone to spend less, enjoy shopping for their one gift, and take the time to wrap it beautifully! Gift exchanges are fun for adults and kids!

Tip #2

Host A Potluck

Host a gathering and ask everyone to bring something. The entire financial burden of hosting the party does not need to fall on the host. I look forward to making an appetizer or dish when asked. Making one thing is easy and fun. Making everything can be a chore. Ask for help! Also, avoiding expensive restaurants and gathering at home will also save everyone money!

Tip #3

Shop Early

I'm talking extremely early! The best deals are actually right after Christmas and in the new year when stores are getting rid of all of their Christmas decor and items as well as toys and other gifts that did not sell out. Shopping early also allows you to get the best deals during black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Tip #4

Have a Signature Cocktail

If you're hosting a party you don't need to provide a full bar. If you choose a drink that only has a few ingredients it will save you money.

Tip #5

Shop Second Hand Toys

The advantage to shopping second hand for toys is they cost less, they're often already assembled (think a barbie dream home or back yard play set) and you can get someone else's collection that they've curated over years all at once (think an entire American Girl doll accessories set, or an awesome Hot Wheels track with a collection of Hot Wheels cars). Don't be afraid to shop outside of conventional stores for gifts!


I can't believe it's already Day 9 of my 12 Days of Christmas! THANK YOU so much for reading everyday! It means the world to me that you are here!



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